Saturday, August 22, 2020

Illustrator makes a Batman 2021 parody poster

Warner Bros studio launched official posters of upcoming The Batman movie. Every Batman fan were intrigued and excited at reboot of franchise after previous Ben Affleck's adaptation.

New reboot is set to undo damage previous adaption caused which featured Ben Affleck as batman. New franchise has little vintage style to it. Could be because of massive success of Joker. It will have Robert Pattinson as Batman. Which is really interesting to see how studio is willing to start from scratch in the middle of storyline of DC Extended Universe.

See popularity of the movie; Illustrator and concept artist, Jack C. Gregory, made a parody poster with caption of studio asked him to think out of the box and still rejected his poster.

He claimed to be given the guidelines the poster to be "out of the box" as he claims. His work turns out to not fit the message and theme of the movie. 

His initial post seem like he felt little disheartened for amount of work he put into this poster. Amount of hours spent to think really out of the box and in the end it is not used.

This poster of bat excreting Robert Pattinson to be taken as "son of bat" seems comical. It's not even sure if the bat in the poster is going through delivery or taking shit.

It would have been really hilarious to see if this actually happened and studio had enough courage to use this poster. It would have instantly become a meme. Shared between marvel fans to ridicule DC Extended Universe.

But thankfully such incident never happened. He later gave clarification of previous parody poster. He never pitched this idea to Warner Bros Studios or any design agency in relation with Studio fro the Batman 2021 movie project.