Saturday, September 19, 2020

Follow these two expert fabrication tips for better product development

This tips will help you make better fabricated products

  1. Attach supporting rod to base plate before wielding

    When you wield two plates completely by edge then base plate starts deforming. More technical solution to avoid deformation is to deep the plate in coolant but this solution is not practical for small scale business.

    spot wielding rode to base plate will prevent it from deformation. As heat will not be transferred to rode and it will maintain its shape and base plate is spot wielded to rode.

  2. keep the base plate vertical while wielding

    When base plate is kept horizontal then it forms more residue. To avoid this if you align the base plate vertical then less residue will be formed. While grinding less residue wield will have better finish than more residue

    If you cannot place the plat vertical then keep at slant to a slop but not horizontal.