Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Efforts and mindset required to get hired as software developer fresher

If you are software developer fresher then put following efforts-

1. Put required efforts into your resume/cv.

2. Provide links to working project or repository. 

3. Prepare before interview.

4. If things do not go well then ask for feedback for improvement.

5. Learn and practice independently without blaming anyone (like college, lack of experience, current organization, etc.) Google is your best friend you don’t need people.

6. Learn from mistakes of previous interview and practice for next interview.

7. Focus on understanding instead of mugging up definitions of programming concepts.

8. Become expert in at least one programming language. So interviewer can evaluate your learning capability. It means if you can learn one programing language properly then you can also learn whatever will be the requirement in the organization.

9. learn basic email etiquettes. Just don’t send your resume without subject or email body.

I can empathies with you that your computer might be slow or you probably can’t afford unlimited internet. But unfortunately there is no way out. We all, lower middle class people, had to work really hard from the start. Our struggles won’t end any time soon; however, we all at least have opportunity.

Getting hired is not the end. It is the beginning. So practice for the work you will be doing everyday.

After doing all this if you still get rejected then it is fault of interviewer/organization that they failed to evaluate a potential resource.

I hope all above points help you in getting what you deserve. i.e. A successful career.